Engineering Design

Triad is the perfect engineering partner to help accelerate new product development in your organization. Our engineers are adept at all phases of product development – from ideation all the way to design and manufacturing. Our deep functional expertise, broad industry experience, and robust processes enabled by a proven technology backbone have been instrumental in our success.

New Product Development (NPD)

Triad has years of experience in new product development across various industries. Some of the functional areas of expertise in NPD include, but not limited to

  • Energy
  • Product
  • Drive control
  • Electronics
    and Sensors
  • Mold design
  • Industrial design for ergonomics & aesthetics
We are working on a kitchen countertop appliance to automatically produce Idlis, a breakfast staple popular in South India. The appliance is 4 times faster, consumes a quarter of the energy and one-fifth of water of the conventional cooking process. Watch this space in the coming months for additional information!
Some additional areas of expertise include

Product Definition


Design Optimization

Reverse Engineering

CAD Conversions

Industries Served

  • Semiconductor
  • Automotive
  • Industrial Machinery
  • Power Generation
  • Consumer Appliance
  • Woodworking